Top 7 Pocket-Friendly Oxidised Earrings We Adore!

Top 7 Pocket-Friendly Oxidised Earrings We Adore!

Top 7 Pocket Friendly Oxidised Earrings We Adore!

“Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there.” This famous quote by the famous and much-loved fashion designer and icon, Diane Von Furstenberg is relatable to every woman who loves dressing to the nines. However, oftentimes with the mention of jewellery, the pricey price tag is the first thing that comes to the mind. It is not uncommon to assume that alluring jewellery always costs a bomb and therefore, not within your reach. Another popular notion is that then jewellery that doesn’t cost much such as pocket-friendly oxidised earrings are of poor quality. So, it is neither worth your time or money. However, what if we say that we have the jewellery that will make heads turn without burning holes in your pretty pockets? Isn’t that a game-changer?

 One of the most popular types of jewellery is silver oxidised earrings, pendants, neckpieces etc. Out of these options, earrings are the ones that grab most of our attention for the ease to style it with our daily wear, affordability to name a few reasons. They come in different shapes, sizes and price brackets. We admit that each price bracket has got its extra features, but it doesn’t mean that the jewellery whose cost is equal to one McDonald’s Aloo Tikki meal is not worth your attention.

So here are some pocket-friendly silver oxidised earrings that we absolutely adore and will make the jaws touch the floor! So college girls on budget and women whose new year resolution is to cut the spending on jewellery, this list is for you!

1. Antique Silver Oxidised Durga Stud Earrings

Durga symbolises the power ensconced in every woman and this earring is the manifestation of that power in each one of us. Created out of alloy, it stands for elegance and has the sterling silver finish. It suits the classic white shirt-blue jeans or your favourite go-to Kurti perfectly. It is a good choice for women who do not want to use ‘too bold’ jewellery and wish to make a subtle yet powerful style statement. Weighing just about 18 grams, you won’t even notice its weight on your ears. Let the Durga in you take the centre stage!

2. Quirky Parrot Motif Stud Earrings

Well, the name itself suggests that this one here takes a detour from the usual design of the much-loved oxidised earrings. It is perfect for those who would love to experiment with their looks and love the Indian flora and fauna. It goes perfectly with pastel or bold coloured kurtas paired with ripped jeans or leggings. Lightweight and skin-friendly, it should be on your go-to jewellery collection.

3. Om Trishul Stud Earrings

As the name suggests, this earring combines the two symbols ‘om’ and ‘Trishul’ that represents peace and strength respectively. Both of them are connected by the ‘damroo’. Calling it different would be an understatement. If you want to make a style statement, this one deserves a place in your earring collection. They will gel well with any kind of Kurti, saree and white shirt/T-shirt with ripped jeans. Keep the make-up minimum as the earrings draw enough attention.

4. Statement Petal Hoop Earrings

It has a minimalistic design that speaks volumes about grace and elegance. Lightweight and small in size, it is perfect for a rush day. No time to think about which earring you have to wear? Just put these on and you are ready for the day! It is as flexible as Prabhudeva as one can either dress-up or dress-down with this stunner piece of jewellery. For example, if you want to stand apart in a party, just pair it with a black bralette, a white shirt, denim shorts, dark lipstick and soft eye makeup and you are ready to rock and roll! Go for a messy bun with a few carefully selected hair strands framing your face and ace that casual-but-not-so-casual look 😛

5. Boho Oxidised Silver Ketli Earrings

This one has the name of all chai-lovers written all over it. This one is made up of a string of ‘ketli’ interspersed with flower petals. It is a heady combination of the natural beauty and the drink that most Indians swear by. Do not let its length fool you into thinking that it will be a burden on your ears. At Beatnik, we believe, that weight should not hold you back while choosing your jewellery. Since it is quite long, they are perfect for a strapless blouse, thus complimenting your shoulders. As for make-up, go for a dewy look that highlights your cheekbones and blood-red lipsticks. Pair this unusual and striking boho ketli oxidised earrings with a half-messy bun and you are ready to grab the centre stage of any place.

6. Rhinestone Studded Hanging Danglers

Silver in itself is eye-catching, add the exquisite rhinestones to it, and you have a winning combination right there. This earring is the perfect blend of quirkiness and modern bohemian fashion. The intricate rhinestone detailing when added to the spectacular silver, its beauty shoots through the roof. This one is a must-have for all the women who love to party the night away. They are perfect for the blingy or pastel-shade lehengas, sarees or embroidered suits and Patiala. As for make-up and hairdo, go for a minimal look with pink lips and a low messy bun. We are damn sure that this stunner will bring out the carefree and fun-loving person in you. So ladies, wear these and paint the town red!

7. Boho Nidar Inscription Silver Jhumki

From the leading fashion blogger to the prominent Indian fashion designers such as our beloved Sabyasachi, tribal fashion has always been a source of inspiration. Tribal-inspired jewellery and attire capture our hearts because of its pure, raw and seductive quality. So how can the artists who work with Beatnik remain unaffected by this powerful source of fashion inspiration? Distinct from the usual jhumkis in terms of material used and texture, this one has a jhumka dangling at the bottom of the inscription ‘nidar’ which translates into fearless. This one is dedicated to all fearless women who overcome the challenges thrown at every point with poignance, sheer strength and grit. Pair it with a side plait, a kurti/kurta, fluffy palazzos, light makeup and you are good to catch the attention.

We believe that your love for jewellery should be indulged to your heart’s content. So, we have the collections of pretty oxidised earrings that will accent your everyday look, bring a new twist to your style statement and give you room to experiment without needing a deep pocket. So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Check out the latest pocket-friendly earrings collection and follow @shop.beatnik on Instagram and let us know what you like and what could be better. Buy as many as you want because now the price will not stop you from splurging on your favourite earrings. Surf Excel says, ‘daag ache hai’ (stains are good), we say, ‘thoda lalach achha hai’ (a bit of greed is also good) 😛

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