Frequently Asked Questions

In general, oxidized silver jewellery should not be cleaned with jewellery cleaning dips or aggressive polishing that will strip the blackened surface. If cleaning is necessary, use a cotton cloth to remove the excessive blackening.

You can view your Beatnik Points in your account section.

To access Points, you need to be logged in and click on My Account in the navigation menu. Click on "Points" on the left sidebar.

To redeem your Points: The option will be automatically displayed on the cart and checkout page. You can apply the Points you wish to redeem as shown in the screenshot below.


Store the oxidised silver jewellery in an air tight box away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Please refer to the size guide here: Rings All our Rings are Adjustable with an open-end that you can adjust with a sight pressure for the maximum comfort and fit to decorate your or your dear one’s finger. Neckpieces All our necklaces and chokers come with an extender chain that allows you to adjust them as per your requirement, fit and comfort, very easily. This makes them versatile for all neck shapes and sizes. Nose Pins & Rings All our nose pins are a clip-on style. Despite of the size, all nose clip-ons are sturdy and can easily be adjusted as per your noses’ size and shape. Earrings All our earrings are meant to fit perfectly and beautifully on each one.
The amount received as Beatnik Points cannot be transferred to your bank account. The Points are meant to be used for future purchases on the website only.

Oxidation of jewellery is a process where a metal is exposed to oxygen in a pressurised environment for a long period of time. The metal is usually sterling silver, brass or an alloy. Oxidised silver jewellery is different from traditional silver because it has a darker colour and has little shine. It gives the jewellery a slightly tarnished or antique look. Though the process is not permanent, it wears off beautifully over time. Every such piece of jewellery reflects its own unique journey depending on how the wearer used it.

The cashback points are credited to your account when the order is marked completed. The orders are usually marked completed after 7 days from the date of delivery.

You earn referral points only when a new visitor signs up using your link and completes an order with Beatnik. The reason that you do not see the referral points in your account could be because your referee's order is not yet complete. Orders are usual marked completed after 7 days of delivery. Due to reasons like return, refunds, order rejection, the order will not be marked completed and hence no referral points will be awarded.

Another point due to which you may not receive the referral bonus could be that the referee purchased a product after 7 days of signing up. You will only be eligible for referral points when the order is purchased by the referee within 7 days of signing up.