Check out the Beatnik Haul by Isheeta Yadav – Youtube

Check out the Beatnik Haul by Isheeta Yadav – Youtube

Check out the Beatnik Haul by Isheeta Yadav – Youtube

“Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is all about my favorite silver oxidized pieces and all of these pieces are from the brand Beatnik. This is a homegrown brand based in Delhi and I personally know the owner of this company and she is really sweet and hard working. They have an active website in which you can explore silver, traditional, gold plated, daily wear jewellery. The payment process is also quite easy and they also provide COD.  The thing I love the most about them is the quality and longevity. I got these pieces around march and it has been 4 months that I am continuously using them but the quality remains the same. It still looks brand new. All their pieces are made from brass and alloy which will prevent itchiness and allergy.  Another thing I love about them is their packaging game, it looks really sophisticated and you can feel how much effort they have put into building their brand.”

One can just never get enough of silver oxidised jewellery, isn’t it?! Nothing beats their flexibility, beauty and idiosyncratic style. So, we collaborated with Ms Isheeta Yadav to bring some of the best pieces from Beatnik to you. From our workshop to your ears!


Neckpieces are often difficult to pair and considered unsuitable for daily wear. What if we tell you that we have neckpieces that you can wear daily, will not cause any rashes or make you feel uncomfortable and will fit well in your budget? So, Isheeta has some suggestions for all the women who want to try experimenting with neckpieces.

1. Boho Tribal Oxidised Silver Choker Hasli Necklace 

“This piece right here is so elegant and beautiful because of the beads at the bottom. They make a tinkling noise which I love which is annoying for some people but I like it.” It looks simple as nothing is over the top. Therefore, it will look good with Indian or Indo-western outfits. “Here I have paired it with my mother’s bandhani saree along with a tube top and open hair and this choker elevated the whole look. The quality is also really nice as it doesn’t itch and can stay on for long hours. I personally don’t wear heavy jewellery so for my vibe, this is a perfect statement piece.” For women who are not fans of heavy jewellery, this one is a match made in heaven.

2. Boho Afghani Tabeez Jhumki Silver Oxidised Necklace

This good-looking silver necklace is lighter than it seems. Isheeta chose this one as she is someone who loves long necklaces. “I like long neckpieces because they can go with any type of outfit. I personally like to style them with palazzos, jeans, skirts. You can pair it with plain kurta, ripped jeans and kolhapuri chappals it would look perfect.”  The jhumka in this piece has a shine of its own and therefore, it adds to the attractiveness of the neckpiece. “It is subtle and not cheap and in your face type which makes it more pretty.”, says Isheeta.

Statement earrings 

The best part about statement earrings is that you don’t need anything else to go with them. Slip on these dazzling pieces and you are good to rock any party (offline and online). So, here are some pieces that you should take home with you.

1. Boho Oxidized Silver Ethnic Pearl Dangling Jhumki 

“So the first pair is this silver pearl jhumkis and oh my god I fell in love when I first saw them, these are so pretty.” The intricate design at the top of the earring is super nice and the pearl detailing just grabs your attention. “I think these will look really good for wedding outfits like lehenga or heavily embroidered kurta. “Here I have paired it with blue and white bandhani lehenga set and these earrings went so well with them. These are not at all heavy and is so lightweight that you can comfortably wear them for hours without hurting your earlobes.” 

2. Kundan Studded Star Dangler Silver Hoop Earrings

“I think it would be perfect to call them the star of this haul quite literally. These are so pretty like do I even need to say anything more about these.  I have seen Komal Pandey, thatbohogirl (Kritika Khurana) pair these types of earrings with their Indian outfits and I always used to think that how do they manage wearing such heavy pieces, but trust me these are so lightweight, I was shooting at terrace wearing these earrings, it was super hot and I was sweating like a pig but I did not have any problems with my earrings or I didn’t feel to remove them.” You can pair these with your wedding guest outfits, or simple cotton sarees. We think these will look amazing with a chikankari set. “I have paired these earrings with a plain black one shoulder tube top and simple blue lehenga. This has to be my favourite piece from Beatnik.” 

Everyday jewellery 

1. Kundan Studded Jhumka Black Metal Earrings – Tear Drop

“This is one earring which I have worn the most in the last 3-4 months, I don’t even know how to explain how beautiful it looks in person. I love everything about these earrings, their black metal rough texture, kundan work, not too big in size. I have shot so many pictures with different outfits and this has to be the most abused one in the whole lot. One of my favorite looks is the blood-red chickankari, three-fourth kurta with matching straight-leg pants.” Well, let’s just say we know how to wow you, pretty women 😛

2. Trending Ghungroo Hoop Earrings

Who said simple designs cannot stand apart? This is one of our simplest designs but looks so good. “I once paired these with a yellow printed kurti and jeans to the office and it looked so simple and beautiful”. Not everyone wants to wear earrings that are heavy. So, this one is just for you. “Many people like to wear simple not so heavy kind of earrings, so I think this is perfect for them and you can get these for just 99/-. Beatnik has nose pins as well for as low as 50/- and on top of that you can use my coupon to get more discount on your purchase so trust me do not miss this brand and check out their products.”

3. Statement Shell Hoop Earrings

“This is the last (but not least in any sense) earring in this haul. It is such a beach-appropriate earring and I don’t know when I will be able to actually go to a beach wearing these so I just put on beach outfits and pair it with them.” Well, if you can’t go to the beach, then bring the beach home! “Here I have paired this with a lavender one puffed sleeve tube top and jeans with hair open and side-parted. These, as Isheeta said, are perfect for your beach outings (whenever they happen).

So, ladies and gentlemen, what do you think? We are sure that this haul includes most styles that are versatile and will suit your needs. If you enjoyed reading this article, we have recently posted another one featuring Geeta Hegde (@GoGlam90). Click here to read it. Got some more interesting ideas? Reach out to us on Instagram @shop.beatnik! We would love to hear your thoughts

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