Silver Oxidised Jewellery Online – Buying Guide

Silver Oxidised Jewellery Online – Buying Guide

All About Buying Silver Oxidised Jewellery Online

If you have the slightest knack for fashion jewellery you must have searched the term silver oxidised jewellery online. It has become ever so popular with even the big influencers promoting it, wearing it and liking it, and why not? Silver is such a versatile colour that you can pair it with almost anything and you instantly look like a fashionista! Further, silver oxidised jewellery ranges anywhere from a budget to a premium range catering to all the needs of the consumers. Now, before you begin this buying guide, let’s understand what silver oxidised jewellery is?

Oxidation of jewellery is a process where a metal, usually sterling silver, brass or alloy, is exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. Oxidised silver jewellery is different from traditional silver because it has a darker colour and has little shine. It gives the jewellery a slightly tarnished or antique look. Though the process is not permanent, it wears off beautifully over time. Every such piece of jewellery reflects its own unique journey depending on how the wearer used it.


The final cost of the product depends on the metal used to make the oxidised jewellery and its plating. Jewellery made out of alloy has none of the precious metals and is usually available at a much cheaper price. This is one of the reasons they have become a huge favourite among customers allowing them to experiment with a lot of different designs which otherwise is not possible given the cost factor involved with sterling silver. This is where silver oxidised jewellery made out of brass with a silver lookalike finish caters to the gap in quality and price between the other two.

At Beatnik, we offer a wide range of alloy and silver lookalike brass jewellery. Do check out our catalogue for more information.

Choosing the products to buy

Now that you know about the material, the next question that comes while buying silver oxidised jewellery online is, what should you buy? If you are an experienced silver oxidised jewellery online shopper, feel free to skip. If not, please carry on 😉

We recommend adding a necklace and a ring for starters because there is little scope for something going wrong. They go well with almost anything you choose to wear. Go with smaller and minimal looking items if you are not sure whether you can carry heavier looking products.

Take it up a notch

You can always take it up a notch and go for bolder and statement pieces that in themselves speak volumes. You can also take inspiration from our host of lifestyle images with every product and figure out how to wear oxidised jewellery with saree as well. 

Want to add some colour to your silver oxidised jewellery?

Choosing oxidised silver jewellery online with a bit of colour to accent your whole attire is a daunting task. But don’t you worry! We have got you covered 🙂 In fact, it is pretty easy to choose contrasting colours for your entire outfit. All you need is one base colour with respect to which you will find the other contrasting colours. It could be the colour of your top, your belt or even your shoes. It should be either striking enough to capture attention or should be so prominent in your outfit that the decision for choosing it to be the base colour should be obvious. Here is a colour scheme that you can follow.

To choose the colours, place one dot on your base colour and two others equidistant from it. This produces a high contrast effect while preserving harmony. Selecting colours like so isn’t just applicable to silver oxidised jewellery. Put your creative minds to work and try it with other things around you as well. If this is something that helped you out, do tell us in the comments below 😀

Colour Contrast Wheel Guide

Image Source: Brightside

Should you layer your silver oxidised jewellery?

More often than not, less is more when it comes to accessories. However, layering makes a bold statement that sets your look apart from the “normal”. But that doesn’t mean you should just throw on every piece of jewellery you own. To create a successfully layered jewellery look, select items that contrast with different lengths, thicknesses, and placement. This way your jewellery always looks stylish and chic no matter the outfit.

Since this article isn’t just about stacking, we will quickly cover the basics to get you moving. If you wish to read more about layering, go through this article by and learn how to layer like a pro.

1. Layering Rings

A great way is to select one statement ring and multiple other rings with smaller shanks and styles. Stack a finger heavily right next to a bare finger. It keeps things asymmetrical and interesting.

Layering Oxidised Silver Finger Rings

2. Layering Bangles and Bracelets

Stack multiple thin bangles with a heavier looking one. Stacking in this way could also allow you to wear a bigger sized bangle. Just keep the one that fits your hand on the front and it would not let the others fall off. Stack them only on one hand for a really nice asymmetrical look. However, if you like to wear something in both your hands, just add a really broad cuff on the second hand. Get ready for amazing final results.

Layering bangles and Bracelets

3. Stacking Earrings

Complement longer statement earrings with tiny studs if you have multiple piercings. Add the tiny studs to just one ear to avoid the clutter. Even if you do not have multiple piercings, you do not need them. Complete the look with some clip-on earrings. Easy, convenient and fun.

Stacking Earrings

4. Layering Necklaces

A simple way to layer your necklaces is to begin with a close-to-neck piece and then more with longer lengths. Usually, 2 or 3 are fine but feel free to add more if you are able to carry them. It also helps if you add a long statement necklace with a stone at the centre.

Layering Necklaces

You should now be ready to go and start off with at least your first purchase of silver oxidised jewellery online. However, before you buy from any platform, make sure it checks off all of the following items for your transaction to be secure and your experience to be pleasant:

  1. How responsive is their customer service?
    You do not need to order anything from their platform to know about this. Just drop in a simple query and see how much time it takes for them to respond. If you never hear from them, chances are that you will not hear from them when you face a problem. At Beatnik, we respond to every query within 24 hours with an average response time of under 4 hours.
  2. How secure are your online transactions?
    There are multiple things that are beyond this article’s scope that fall under security. However, you should definitely look at the payment gateway that the platform is using. At Beatnik, we use Razorpay who strives to make every transaction done via their payment gateway a secure payment. Click here to read more about how secure Razorpay is.
  3. Does the platform also have a social media presence?
    Social media has allowed customers a one-on-one type of interaction with the brands and their active presence on social media indicates how well they connect with their audience. Check out things like when the last post was updated on their account, are customer queries attended in a timely manner, etc. This assures that if things go south, their team is available to help. For example, Nykaa (one of India’s largest beauty destinations) post a couple a day on their Instagram handle, @mynykaa. You can also check out Beatnik’s Instagram page, @shop.beatnik, to gather some insights about us 😉
  4. Finally, check for their shipping/return/replacement policy and if it makes sense to you, go ahead with making the purchase of your favourite silver oxidised jewellery online.


With all this due diligence and thorough research on the products, you will definitely fall in love with your silver oxidised jewellery once it arrives at your doorstep. Do let us know how your experience was.

FAQs Oxidised Silver Jewellery

Oxidation of jewellery is a process where a metal is exposed to oxygen in a pressurised environment for a long period of time. The metal is usually sterling silver, brass or an alloy. Oxidised silver jewellery is different from traditional silver because it has a darker colour and has little shine. It gives the jewellery a slightly tarnished or antique look. Though the process is not permanent, it wears off beautifully over time. Every such piece of jewellery reflects its own unique journey depending on how the wearer used it.

Store the oxidised silver jewellery in an air tight box away from direct sunlight and moisture.

In general, oxidized silver jewellery should not be cleaned with jewellery cleaning dips or aggressive polishing that will strip the blackened surface. If cleaning is necessary, use a cotton cloth to remove the excessive blackening.

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