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Shivangi Chauhan - Beatnik's Founder Portrait

Beatnik is a woman owned business that currently deals in fashion jewellery with an aim to become a one-stop shop for all women accessories. Beatnik, as a word, has no literal translation but it is an archaic used for hippies/gipsy wanderers back in the ’50s and ’60s. We can loosely relate beatnik to anything; be it a person, a style, an idea. Beatnik is a term used best to describe a free-spirited being/concept. One that does not cling to the conventional ways of life. Someone/Something that defines their own rules and never feels restricted to a particular idea.

THIS IS ME!! I have never followed into the suit of conventions when it comes to living a life and totally believe in shattering the social norms we are subjected to in everyday life. So, I carried this free-spirited will into the business as well.

Beatnik will always be synonymous with a free-spirited style where there are no rules to wear a certain piece of accessory (or clothing). That’s why our motto is “Create Your Own Statement with Beatnik”



Create a statement with BEATNIK jewellery; where we launch new styles and designs to help you find your perfect accessory lined with fabulous fashion and sleek style. Handcrafted to a standard of perfection, our jewellery is designed to accent fashion-forward women. Establishing current trends and offering endless possibilities, the enticing jewellery collection from the house of BEATNIK allows you to mix ‘n match for a look that is completely your own.

Fusing traditional splendour with modern intricacies, each piece of jewellery at BEATNIK carries a style statement. So, now the question arises – Where can these accessories be worn? The answer is – anywhere, anytime!

In an attempt to make every woman feel lavishing and proud, our designs aim to make the entire feature look precious for every single occasion. Choose from a variety of collections, flaunting a mix of feminity, elegance and glamour because there is always a reason to wear them.

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Along with exhibiting excellent workmanship, each piece of jewellery comes with BEATNIK’s assurance of quality and longevity. At BEATNIK you just don’t purchase a piece of jewellery, you own a fashion faithful timeless treasure and more importantly, a jewellery that fits your lifestyle.


Each piece comes with a flawless and secure fit promising carefree wear. Our designs reflect simple sophistication to co-ordinate with any ensemble from workwear to everyday casual wear to extravagant or simple traditional wear.

Value for money

With an affordable price, each piece of jewellery offers comfortable fit without comprising style, thus making a standout addition to your collection.

New styles every month

Latest designs launched every month so you can stay on top of your game

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Super Responsive Support

Our support team is always out there to help you out if anything goes wrong. You can connect with us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @shop.beatnik and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.



This woman owned business brings you the most beautiful curated bohemian products from artisans across the country, handcrafted with love. We strive for excellence and do our due diligence to understand that our sources ethically align with our values.

Beatnik's Sources' Women Workers